About DC Images – About Me

To write about DC Images is to write about me (ie: Dale) because I am the one who captures ALL of the photos – although there is a team involved (ie: my amazing wife, my boys, my video guy, second shooters from time to time and an assistant when required) wherever you see a photograph attributed to DC Images you know it has been captured by me.

Briefly and in no particular order:

I love taking photos, pure and simple
I love being in the outdoors
I love the amazing images that come out of the chaos in things
I love my family – my amazing wife and two gorgeous sons
I love meeting new people and the experiences those meetings bring
I love all the concepts created and coffees endured
Most of all I love the life that my photography experiences have given me

The more extended version:

Everything I have experienced in life comes to bear in my work. I love to observe, see how people live – their history, their traditions, their environment. I love to photograph people engaged in reality, I believe this is an incredibly important aspect of my work as it allows me to elicit moments of spontaneity that bring a real sense of freedom to my images.

And my work as a photographer is about stories, about a narrative. A successful photograph to me is not just one you hang on the wall, admire in a book or swipe over on an iPad – it is something that fixes inside your mind and stays there. Nothing pleases me more than to see the joy a timeless photograph brings to a family, couple or individual when that photograph is all grown up and showcased in a Fine Art album, wall mount or Art print.

Sparkler Fest 2013

Our Sparkler Night – the photographic instruction to my wife and three and five year old sons went something like “do whatever comes naturally”……..my awesome family ladies & gentlemen.

And yes I know the more obvious thing would be to put a photograph of yours truly here however my family are far more important and truth be told seldom do I get out from behind the camera anyways. If it helps I would put myself in the half descent looking, one iron/there is more meat on a bicycle and almost intriguing international man of mystery category.