Where to begin? What to cover? Long story short, I am no hope of doing this fantastic day justice by typing out some words here however I will back my photography skill set to deliver that tried and trusted phrase of “a picture speaking a thousand words”. So, here are 80+ photographic examples of what made Tanya & Mark’s wedding so awesome – basically loads of fun, love and laughter wherever you looked throughout the entire day made for a dream environment for a professional wedding photographer. It was pretty much perfection! Well done Tanya & Mark.

Check this out! Firstly, from the ‘Centennial Vineyards​’ in Bowral (NSW) here are some of the highlights from Elizabeth & George’s awesome day in the sun.

And secondly here is the album design we ordered for Brianne & Brett recently. In short:
10”x10” Australian Handmade Wedding Album (including two 5”x5” replicas for the parents)
38-pages with Vintage matt paper and Premium Hermitage Leather Cover

I knew as soon as I met Renee & Adrian at a wedding expo last year their wedding day was going to be a superb day and sure enough I got it 100% right. I’m sure Renee & Adrian have their own highlights but as a half-descent bloke and better than average wedding photographer it was everything I reckon a wedding should be. It was fun, personal, easy and filled with laughter. We had a great location (ie: the ‘Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat’), fantastic weather, a venue beautifully decorated, basically I had 8-10 hours of not knowing where to point the camera next because there was quality opportunities everywhere we looked.

I have always loved what I do but to regularly catch up with everyone and be trusted time and time again like this is super cool! Let me explain – pictured here is Emily & Josh’s wedding day at ‘Burnham Grove Estate’ earlier this month, Emily is Brad’s sister and I photographed Brad & Lauren’s wedding in 2016. Lauren has a sister called Janelle and I photographed Janelle & Marty’s wedding in 2013. I also got to catch up with Janelle & Marty and Lauren & Brad at Angela & Alex’s wedding that I photographed in mid 2016 – I’m sure you are getting my point by now.

Say hello to Kathryn & Terence who flew in from the UK with their family to tie the knot at ‘The Boathouse’ on Shelley Beach just last week. We had a superb and intimate setting in the park above ‘The Boathouse’ all beautifully staged to go with some self-served drink-ies afterwards, basically everything you want for helping you spend as much time as possible with your nearest and dearest. After all that we moved down to ‘The Boathouse’ and it’s picturesque setting there for a cocktail styled evening where the fun, smiles and laughter continued well into the night. Long story short it was a superb day and exactly what we reckon makes for a superb occasion with family and friends, let alone a wedding – here is a 75+ image sample to prove it is so.

Another great day for us showcased here with 80+ snaps from Thomas & Nicole's wedding day, starting in Blacktown for the ceremony before a night of fun and good times at the 'Allegro Function Centre' in Kenthurst, Sydney. Weather was perfect, twas the first time we've had a groom cuddle and kiss pets snakes (#outofourcomfortzone), great outfits, loads of details...

Check it out! My first wedding back in 2018, January 6 with Mel & Matt and it was #awesome! Briefly…… I photographed Mel’s sisters wedding 4-5 years back, we had a ceremony in Kellyville, pictorial shots of the bridal party in Mosman, the reception at Orso Bayside Restaurant at The Spit, we had clear blue skies, maybe a little too much wind and a fun, out going and great looking bridal party – I had been looking forward to this day for ages. I could go on forever but they reckon/say a picture speaks a thousand words so rather than me going on I’ll let the selection of 140+ images showcased here do all the talking on just how awesome this day was. Enjoy!

(FYI Mel & Matt have been kind enough to provide a list of their wedding suppliers and we have included that list at the end of this post).