Why Choose DC Images for your Commercial Photography?


WARNING! As there are so many ways to make a commercial photography experience better this will be the wordy page of the website where I tell you why that is so as well as why I think you need me there.

Providing an internationally and multi award-winning Sydney commercial photography experience is something we find incredibly rewarding if for no other reason than we own and operate a business ourselves and appreciate how critical it is to have your advertising and marketing mix perfect through a high end photographic product.

Our speciality from day one has always been people photography but with twenty years of professional photography experience our style and product has constantly diversified and as a result our recent clients include Meriton, Medicines Australia, Mercure Hotels, Merge Property Group (NZ) and Forte Brands. So as you can see in the commercial sector our expertise now extends to architectural, events, real estate, still life/product, editorial, corporate and documentary photography.

With all this in mind we also believe it is important to enjoy quality throughout your entire Sydney commercial photography experience from the initial meeting and concept development, throughout the planning process, naturally the shoot itself, in post-production and most importantly of all in the finished product – doing things right from the very begining is the foundation of our success! But rather than trust the camera high speed drive or go with a ‘safety in numbers’ approach the key is to have the experience and understanding to recognise where the ideal photograph is coming from – that complimentary lighting set-up, the ideal composition or that perfect moment in time – capturing variety, a narrative, the mood or feel and the quality that exists in-front of the camera is what our Sydney commercial photography is all about.

So trust in what you see here on our web site and know that our quality exists throughout the entire shoot! We initially honed our Sydney commercial photography skills in the days of film when cameras and computers were only just beginning to work together, it was an era when every time we pressed the button it cost us $1 so visualising everything beforehand and reading in the smallest detail what was in front of us was critical. Transplant that into the world of today and you not only have the modern benefits of computers and all that they have to offer the photographic process but also the old school tenacity where every original photograph is a reflection your initial concept and our photographic knowledge and experience.

Simply put our Sydney commercial photography is about delivering that high end finish through a forward thinking, professional and consultative approach. So make sure your Sydney commercial photography conveys the message, sells your product and is that dream result you are looking for by incorporating our multi award-winning photography services.

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