Frequently Asked Questions for Portrait Photography in Sydney

For some families portrait photography in Sydney is not normally something you shop around for every second week and understandably there some common questions families like to ask with regards to how it all works. We have answered the more common questions here however if you have a query with regards to something not talked about please send us an email or leave a comment on our blog and we will be more than happy to answer your question(s).

Q: How many photographers do you have?
A: This also answers the question of “who will be our photographer?” Every photograph seen for to do with DC Images portrait photography has been captured by Dale.

Q: Will you hold a date while we decide?
A: Our services work on a first in, first served basis and we have a number of bookings made months in advance however with anyone who has come in to see us at the studio we will try to contact them should another family ask about their planned shoot date. In other words we try to offer you first dibs so to speak where we can.

Q: How much time should we allow for planning a portrait shoot?
A: A quick ten-minute chat over the telephone is enough for some however I would highly encourage and recommend a one-hour appointment at the studio so we can make the most of things.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Absolutely, among other key aspects we have public liability insurance for ten-million dollars.



Q: Do you shoot with film or digital cameras?
A: We have been shooting with digital cameras since 2004.

Q: How many photographs do you take/do we get?
A: This will depend entirely upon the shoot being carried out but for a one-hour portrait session 100-125 original and unique photographs are normally captured – remember the idea is always quality over quantity.

Q: Do we get every single photo that you take on the day?
A: Generally yes, we do delete the odd image on the day where we may have tested the exposure in a difficult lighting environment or when a person has clearly blinked in the shot.

Q: Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?

Q: Do you store/archive the digital files?
A: Yes. Every digital file/photograph we ever take is archived onto 2-3 external hard-drives and these are placed in a fire-proof safe. That might be considered a little over the top but we consider the original files of what we do extremely important.

Q: Do you include prints in a package?
A: Generally yes but again it will depend upon the package/shoot you decide to put together beforehand.

Q: Are you able to tailor a shoot to suit our needs?
A: Absolutely, just let us know what you are looking for and we will put together something to suit.

Q: How long after our portrait shoot should we expect to wait to get our photos?
A: Unless special requests are made the turnaround time is less than a week.



Q: How long does it take to get our album?
A: Once an album design has been approved albums will either take four-weeks or six-weeks depending upon the style of album you have chosen.

Q: How long does it take to get our framing?
A: Once a frame design has been approved turnaround times will be two to three weeks (subject to availability which you will be advised of at the time).

Q: How do we book?
A: Simply complete the booking form and pay the agreed deposit

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Nikon D-SLR

Q: What sort of lighting do you use?
A: Natural light, natural light and more natural light (where possible of course). We prefer to use a camera mounted flash as little as possible and we do use a hand-held video light from time to time.

Q: What software do you use primarily?
A: Adobe Photoshop

I hope the above has helped to answer some of your questions when it comes to portrait photography in Sydney. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions. In the meantime congratulations once again on your engagement and enjoy the wedding preparations.