• Portrait Action w. Sam & His Mum & Dad


    SNEAK PEEK – Meet Sam and his Mum & Dad everyone.

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  • A Family Narrative


    SNEAK PEEK – So take two for Ezra when it comes to portrait photography – take one for her little sis because, well, she’s only seven weeks old – and take three for Mum & Dad because I photographed their fabulous wedding day at Oatlands House before their family grew to 3/4. And just like the first little portrait session we had it all takes place at the family home, albeit a different one from eighteen-months ago.


  • A Day Of Portraits At Fagan Park


    Long story short I had an awesome time the other day mucking around Fagan Park whilst photographing a couple of beaut families. I photographed Simon & Angie’s wedding a few years back and now with Asher on the scene and crawling around it was time to spend the morning capturing some family portraits in the park. And then come the afternoon Robyn and I (or more correctly Robyn) finally got the extended family together at the one time whilst the weather played nicely and after a year or so of trying we got those family portraits snaps she was looking for – yay!

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  • Pre-Wedding Portraits At Brooklyn


    It will probably go without saying but I think Shankar & Vruchi were a touch overdressed compared to the locals walking around Brooklyn the other day but who cares, that red dress and blue jacket look brilliant in the natural setting that is the Hawkesbury River. And I cannot help but wonder if this was only an hour and a bit from a pre-wedding/portrait shoot how good is the wedding going to be? I mean throw in the the simple fact it will be their wedding day, add loving families, a fabulous location, an eager bridal party and of course the guests – something tells me come January 2016 we’re in for the most superb time.

    But look, don’t take my word for it! Check out this little sample!!!!!!

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  • Portraits Of The Family


    Mum & Dad (code Leon & Jess) are getting married in February 2016 and we figured a pre-wedding shoot with a twist sounded like a beaut idea, and by twist I suppose I’m talking about Sophia.


    I’m a big believer in thinking you can never have too many professionally taken photographs of yourselves let alone your young family so an hour plus in Fagan Park in Sydney’s north was a no brainer. I mean it is a cool place to hang out on any day but to literally have it to yourselves mid week and just hang out as a family was great fun – of course it helps that all three of them were fantastic and relaxed in front of the camera!


  • Pre-Wedding Portraits w. Sarah & Darren


    Sarah & Darren are getting hitched next month and decided to put together a wedding photography package that included a pre-wedding shoot and given how everything panned out I’m thinking…..good call! Lets face it though I’m a big believer in thinking you can never have too many professionally taken photographs of yourselves especially when it comes to moments in life such as your wedding – how fantastic is it to have these images now let alone in ten or twenty plus years! Thanks for the awesome afternoon in the sun Sarah & Darren, you are both naturals in front of the camera and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding day!

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  • 50mm Bush-Walk


    In short this is what a bush-walk looks like through my 50mm f1.2 lens. It captured my youngest son and I on a 5km (return) bush-walk to Jerusalem Bay in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in Sydney’s north. Three-hours, a morning tea and countless puddle stomps, rock jumps, skips, peek-a-boos and collected rocks, sticks and rusted railway parts later here it is in photographs.

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  • Hunter’s Sneak Peek

    Well, lets be honest, sneak peek for Hunter is true but this is really a sneak peek for Kate & Craig (aka Mum & Dad) because it is what they asked for and basically when others are excited about their photographs so am I (if I am not already of course). So here are a dozen or so sneaky glimpses of the hour the four of us spent roaming the grounds of Fagan Park – twas a pretty cool way to spend the afternoon really.

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  • PERFECTLY TIMED (to say the least)


    Goodness gracious, perfectly timed (and perfectly behaved) is the understatement of the decade! That is to say having known Molly & Peter for as long as I have I figured they were always going to behave themselves but you always wonder how the little ones will go and in short Charlotte was amazing! She could teach the photographer’s sons (ie: my boys) a thing or seven I can tell you! And on two occasions we postponed this portrait sitting due to weather that was less than ideal in that sure we could have gone ahead but the goal was to always capture these family images on a blue skied day in a natural setting – hence perfectly timed portraits doesn’t quite cover it really! Check out this hour or so we were blessed with on the edges of the Hawkesbury River – loved it, loved it, loved it! (more…)

  • Defining Procrastination

    I needed a little break from staring blankly into the computers/photographic retouching never, never and beyond so ‘You Tubed’ some classic kiwi lyrical masterpieces to get me back into the swing of things. Basically here is what I came across today in this lazy half-hour of my life that I will never get back! And goodness gracious, just realised these are all from twenty plus years ago, showing my age a tad me thinks.

    – take one – from 1998 ‘Venus’ by The Feelers