• A Week Of Portraits


    Here’s a quick guide as to how busy the lead up to Christmas is for us as well as a guide as to how much fun we have hanging out with young families. Here we have a mix of portraits captured at Fagan Park, Bobbin Head and Brooklyn and 8am, 9.30am and 5pm start times.  Give us a call some time on 02 9482 4838 and we can talk through what will get the best out of your family portrait photography in Sydney here. Long story short it is all about getting you comfortable and having as much fun as possible.

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  • Family Portraits At Fagan Park

    Four families making up one extended family got together at Fagan Park with a plan to capture one group photograph and frame if for the grand-parents – got it, success, job done! And naturally (as you would expect) we made the most of the opportunities bringing the family together and a place like Fagan Park provides; the separate families, the candids and the mischief. An awesome way to spend a couple of hours if you ask me! Check it out!

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  • First Day Sailing School


    Riley had his first taste of sailing school the other day so why not capture a brief photo documentary of it we figured. A big thanks to the Hawkesbury Sailing Club for putting on the best day in the sun a young eight year could wish for. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

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  • Testing A Concept w My Boys

    Boys@ Night
    I needed to test the mix of the humble flashlight and white umbrella so I roped in my two boys the other night before their bedtime. Thankfully the cul-de-sac where we live was perfectly dark enough and devoid of traffic. I reckon we have something here and I’m looking forward to developing the concept during my upcoming weddings – stay tuned! (more…)

  • Winter Portraits At The Studio


    The recent Sydney storms and wintery weather has necessitated a slightly different approach to our Sydney portrait photography where whilst we still look to get families out and about at their favourite spot organising a mini studio set-up has it’s many rewards – it is warm, we control all aspects of lighting & composition, there are no time restraints and simply put it just looks awesome.

    Here is Lachlan (and Peter & Amy/Mum &Dad) making the most of things last week.

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  • Nailing It At Age 6 & 8!

    Meet Hunter & Riley (aged 6 & 8) and yours truly. This is what comes of setting up the studio at 7am on a Monday morning when your boys decide to take on a persona very much like Austin Powers with a “do this, do that, more, more, more, yeah daddy yeah!” DC Images is now a studio of three gun photographers it would appear!


    And as you can see by this next bunch of images, both of my boys take a darn good photo, not bad for six and eight year olds eh!? And how cool is it to be photographed so well by both of my boys!!! Us photographed by us! Truly awesome! (more…)

  • Portrait Action w. Sam & His Mum & Dad


    SNEAK PEEK – Meet Sam and his Mum & Dad everyone.

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  • A Family Narrative


    SNEAK PEEK – So take two for Ezra when it comes to portrait photography – take one for her little sis because, well, she’s only seven weeks old – and take three for Mum & Dad because I photographed their fabulous wedding day at Oatlands House before their family grew to 3/4. And just like the first little portrait session we had it all takes place at the family home, albeit a different one from eighteen-months ago.


  • A Day Of Portraits At Fagan Park


    Long story short I had an awesome time the other day mucking around Fagan Park whilst photographing a couple of beaut families. I photographed Simon & Angie’s wedding a few years back and now with Asher on the scene and crawling around it was time to spend the morning capturing some family portraits in the park. And then come the afternoon Robyn and I (or more correctly Robyn) finally got the extended family together at the one time whilst the weather played nicely and after a year or so of trying we got those family portraits snaps she was looking for – yay!

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  • Pre-Wedding Portraits At Brooklyn


    It will probably go without saying but I think Shankar & Vruchi were a touch overdressed compared to the locals walking around Brooklyn the other day but who cares, that red dress and blue jacket look brilliant in the natural setting that is the Hawkesbury River. And I cannot help but wonder if this was only an hour and a bit from a “Love Story” pre-wedding shoot how good is the wedding going to be? I mean throw in the the simple fact it will be their wedding day, add loving families, a fabulous location, an eager bridal party and of course the guests – something tells me come January 2016 we’re in for the most superb time.

    But look, don’t take my word for it! Check out this little sample!!!!!!

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