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Midweek Portrait Action w. BKR

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I photographed Brendon & Karina’s wedding on the beaches north of Sydney a couple of years back and now I’m excited to tell you that they now have a beautiful and healthy five-week old daughter – yay! Here is a sample from this one-hour of midweek action a few days back.

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Wayne & Jess This One Is For You

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Here is the song Wayne & Jess used to announce themselves into their wedding reception! The Lumineers, “Ho Hey” – I like it and therefore because I can here we are.

Click here to view DC Images Sydney wedding photography portfolio.

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Pre-Wedding Action @ Clifton Gardens

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‘Plan A’ was Balmoral Beach but alas it was windy to say the least so ‘Plan B’ was hatched; by hatched I mean we had a chat and decided we needed to be anywhere but there, I mentioned Clifton Gardens around the bay and away we went.

My afternoon continued with a slight touch of confusion when I saw Dalon drive up with no one in the front passenger seat, where was Crystal? The answer was soon clear when Scruffy (the dog) popped his head up, turns out Crystal was relegated to the back seat to avoid the dog hair – well played Scruffy.

So anyways it was time to get into it and what naturals they all (including Scruffy) turned out to be!


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Early Morning Portraits

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8.45am was our start time but to be honest if I could have started earlier I would have but what is it about being a parent of children that makes those early morning starts not as easy as they used to be? Surely the kids should be able to get up and look after themselves!


Anyways 8.45am worked out fine because where with some families there is a ‘warm up’ period for them to get used to the camera here it was a case of out of the car and into it – perfect, unreal, awesome, ideal and bloody good fun! A beaut family with three active and happy children, despite mild cases of the flu circulating this was never going to hold us up here!

So with the early morning light in our favour away we went for an hour or so mucking around, letting kids be kids and Mum & Dad sneak in as many cuddles as possible whilst yours truly was snapping away a few a photographs – here is a glance/sneak peek at the overall outcome. Enjoy!


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BMX Breakfast

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Captured in September 2012 I have finally found the time to showcase this little project.

I have two boys (now four and six) that love riding their bikes and as you can imagine having a photographer as a father they have had the odd photograph taken of them. That being the case I wanted to do something different and (in short) remove any preconceived ideas or structure, let my boys be boys and basically showcase the story they put on in front of me – ie: capture everything, their grumpy faces as well as their happy ones, photograph the jumps, the spills, the crashes, the potential tears, the cuddles and everything in between.


Sitting here two-years on I’m stoked with the outcome! My boys still love riding their bikes but they have obviously grown up considerably so having this little snippet of life, this essay and documentation of what came naturally to them two-years ago is brilliant. To capture all those little moments and stories within stories at any time let alone during this small two-hour window means so much more than the one off and maybe more structured portrait images we have of our boys – put simply, this is our boys uncut! No controls, no direction, just two boys having fun riding their bikes, doing what they do and I could not be more pleased with the results. Hopefully I can incorporate a lot more of this style of photography and approach into my work in the future!

The following images are the page layouts from the fifty-page coffee-table book I have just designed and ordered from our overseas printers. Enjoy!

- click on an image/page layout to enlarge -


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Secret Kisses & Portraits

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I photographed Alison & Jason’s wedding many moons ago and now that they are a family of three capturing some more photographs was long over due. Thus the plan was to wander around Fagan Park for an hour or so and let Mum & Dad cuddle and fuss over little Ozzie while he ran himself to a stand still – and run he did! Here are plenty of examples on why sixty-minutes spent mucking around the local park with those near and dear to you is never a waste of time, especially when you have all of those stories and moments captured for everyone to enjoy forever.

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At Home w. Our Four Week Old

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It really was as simple as that…… home with our (ie: James & Pinar’s) four week old! And why does it need to be any more complicated or staged than that? Everyone is comfortable, happy, warm (ie: this is a wintry July), we have everything we need for a newborn and photographically it is always about Mum, Dad and bub anyway! Therefore an hour or so later and we have loads of naturally styled photographs capturing this wonderful new family of three – easy, perfect, ideal!


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National Park Portraits

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I’ve photographed these awesome twins four times now (not to mention Mum & Dad’s wedding) and I have to say it just keeps getting better! I mean look at them – they are best friends, gorgeous and they will never be labeled camera shy that’s for sure. Throw in the 8.30am morning light at a deserted Bobbin Head and you have a more than handy start to ninety-minutes of snapping some family photographs. Love ya work Frederica, Dean, Sophia & Jo-Jo.


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Portrait Time At Woolwich

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Portrait time at Woolwich was all about¬† Claire & John & Abby in short – we got there at 3.30pm on a Saturday and wandered the park and waterfront for ninety-minutes or so and basically photographed until we dropped (or until the sun went down in fact). Twas the ideal situation really, beaut spot, beaut setting sun/lighting and a Mum & Dad who simply cannot get enough of their seven-month-old bundle of joy. And Abby was perfect too, smiling and playing throughout and a couple of those cheeky looks and grumpy “I don’t trust that photographer” glances that make for a great afternoon for snapping some Sydney family portraits.


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Portrait Photography At Home

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It is not as popular as it used to be but I am a big fan of capturing portrait photographs at the family home for the simple fact it comes naturally to all involved. I’ve taken enough photographs to know that the sun shines (most of the time) the same way no matter where you go so why not make it as easy as possible for those in front of the camera?! Why not muck around the family home just like you would any other day and have some professional portrait photographs snapped?

If ever there was an example on why that is what we should all do next time this is it! Talk about a beaut family just being themselves in front of the camera, for mine this was the dream scenario for Sydney portrait photography. Everyone just being themselves whilst mucking around the family home for an hour so – take a look and see what I mean!

3038SBS 003

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