Why Choose DC Images for your Wedding Photography?


WARNING! As there are so many things to look forward to on your wedding day this will be the wordy page of the website where I tell you why that is so as well as why I think you need me there.

Having personally photographed over six-hundred weddings it simply comes down to the fact you can trust me! When you consider that a wedding photographer must work with everyone on your wedding day – the hair & make-up people, the florist, a stylist, the car company, the celebrant, the venue, the videographer, etc, etc (I am sure you get the idea) saying it is important to be able to trust your photographer is a little bit of an understatement I reckon. You need to believe that your photographer will bring out the best in every one of your wedding suppliers not to mention yourselves most importantly of all (aka the bride & groom). So trust not only in my award-winning wedding photography but also in the knowledge, experience and understanding that comes from my being trusted to photograph over six-hundred weddings since 1996. I know all about the best plan E and F let alone plan B or C. I know from experience (and am regularly told) I simply make weddings better! Having that genuinely experienced and professional wedding photographer there with you on the day ensures you can relax and be totally confident not just in the wedding photography but also in what I bring to the wedding itself – I have the experience to know what might happen, the knowledge to know what needs to happen but also the confidence to understand how your Sydney wedding photography may simply come down to ‘going with the flow’.

All that considered what it comes down to is knowing I will add to your wedding experience and you will be having fun and LOADS OF IT!!! Pure and simple! The reality is I have spent over twenty years and photographed over six-hundred weddings perfecting the quality of photograph you see here and with that kind of experience I can guarantee I know how to get the best out of any situation.

Remember also that in five-years I/Dale (aka yours truly) have received fourteen international, seven national and twelve state photography awards from professional industry associations such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Australian Professional Photography Awards and Creative Asia. What does this all mean for you? Well, you worry about having as much fun as humanly possible and I will take care of everything else.

Simply put, you will have an amazing day. So make sure your Sydney wedding photography will be just as spectacular as the day you have planned by incorporating my multi award-winning, guided and down to earth approach. Let me add to your wedding day fun and give you the confidence to know you have the perfect person there to make your wedding journey that much better! Call the studio on 02 9482 4838, me personally on 0404 010 922 or get in touch via EMAIL.