Whether you are a beginner or possess advanced skills our private one to one tuitions and workshops will provide you with the expert guidance to help take your photography to that next level.

To us a successful photograph is not just one you hang on the wall or admire in a book, it is something that fixes inside your mind and never leaves you. Here at DC Images we are passionate about giving you not only the skills, but also the inspiration to create these great photographs we never forget.

Request a private tuition or workshop to learn about…..

Cameras & Lenses – know your equipment
Exposure – shutter speeds & apertures,ย the essentials
Lighting – previsualise and make the most of what is available
Post-Production – the software, printing & the finished product
Develop your skills within travel, still-life & nature photography
Master landscape, portrait, documentary or wedding photography
Or customise a tuition to cover what you want to learn more about

Workshops will include a minimum of three and maximum of six photographers and private tuition will be one to one, guaranteed.

Learn how to capture moments like these with our private tuition or workshops now!

Call the studio on 02 9482 4838 or Dale personally on 0404 010 922 to discuss our private tutition and/or workshops today.

Alternatively, you might like to send us an email so we can forward a detailed price guide.