8 Massive Points Of Difference About DC Images

1. The Quality We Love, Want & Expect

Nothing we do is ever provided straight out of the camera! A typical wedding for example will see us spend one full day (minimum) ensuring all photographs have that genuinely professional finish, i.e. what you see on our website is exactly what you get. The alternative is to rely on a cameras artificial intelligence and its interpretation of each composition, exposure and person we capture (#nothanks). Not providing this quality time and expert finish would be cheaper, however for us it is always about providing the high-end and professional quality we promise from beginning to end, in both product and service. For example……..

Straight from the camera – despite all the technical data being there, notice the lack of colour, contrast & polish as well as the distraction on the timber decking and tag on the umbrella.

After post-production retouching – distractions removed, professional finish

Straight from the camera – again, despite all the technical data being there, notice the lack of colour, contrast & polish

After post-production retouching – distractions removed, professional finish

2. We Are Experienced In Weddings, Years & Awards

Our first professional shoot was in 1996, and we have the experience of 700+ weddings, 400+ portrait sessions, countless corporate assignments and 23+ years as a professional photography and film studio. Additionally, we have achieved success with over thirty awards, including being voted Best Wedding Photographer at the “Brides Choice Awards 2019” and achieving an Associate membership to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. CLICK HERE for a full list of our awards.


All of our post-production is handled in-house and NOT sent overseas to the cheapest bidder who has no connection to or understanding of what they are looking at. The result being:

  1. we visualise and capture everything during a shoot
  2. we personally perfect every photograph and film clip using professional editing software
  3. and with careful file handling, we provide the highest quality digital files possible

Code: we personally tend to every photograph and film clip we capture, from beginning to end.

4. Custom In-House Design

We expertly custom design each hand-crafted wedding album and professionally edit every feature film we produce. Code: (again) this is NOT sent elsewhere and/or overseas. Likewise with any custom print, canvas, acrylic mount or artwork, we prepare everything in-house.

5. Genuine High Resolution & High Definition

Photographs: every digital file we provide is the highest resolution possible, i.e. it is never resized smaller, we supply the highest resolution file that our cameras allow. Additionally, we never provide a digital file with a copyright or DC Images logo plastered across the centre.
Film: every digital film we provide is in high-definition. However please note, depending upon your intended purpose (i.e. web), a smaller file size may be better suited.

6. Trusted Local Professionals

There is only one thing we do not source locally in Australia, and that is our custom designed coffee-table books. Our hand-crafted wedding and portrait albums, custom framing, canvas prints, acrylic mounts and many more custom artworks have all been extensively trialed and tested and are provided by trusted locals. Code: for us, there is no substitute for top shelf quality from people you know!
FYI, there can be cheaper options available across the custom products we outsource (typically from overseas), however in our experience their product quality is nowhere near reliable or meets our quality control standards.

7. RAW Is Best

This is a bit of a technical one but we shoot RAW digital files every time. Capturing photographs and/or film in any other way means we are not capturing all the digital information. In other words, shooting all our photographs and film in a RAW format ensures we capture every single piece of digital information, which subsequently ensures (when we sit at our computers) we can produce the best possible finished product.

8. No Hard Sell

Words cannot express how much we dislike the hard sell! We promise, you will never experience that here. The last thing we want to do is provide you with a whole bunch of items you do not want, so simply tell us what you love and need and that is what we will do. Code: we are here to guide you along the way but price, package and the plan for a shoot, will be entirely up to you.


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