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Prepare, plan, establish and grow your business with confidence using the experienced guidance of yours truly, aka Dale Casey. Benefit from more than twenty-two-years longevity and business success. Know what has worked and not worked across everything to do with DC Images (and beyond) since 1996.

We will get your business working better!
I promise you! I guarantee it!
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One-To-One Business Mentoring

Dale’s business mentoring program has been established to help motivate and guide you on key elements such as development (what to do and/or buy and when), forward planning (preparing for the stages of business), the basics (cash-flow, quality control, getting you out there), experience (what it takes to establish yourself, grow & succeed), prioritising (what you need to do and have others do for you) and much, much more.

Private, one-to-one mentoring is supplied in four-hour bundles, broken into separate targeted and comprehensive discussions over one-month. Discussions are available weekdays, weeknights and some Saturdays dependent on availability. Business mentoring includes:

  1. Dale Casey – the creator of DC Images (est 1996) and a multi-award-winning photographer with proven business expertise & longevity
  2. personal one-to-one mentoring, guaranteed (code: no groups)
  3. the topic(s) of your choice
  4. the option of tailoring a mentoring program to your requests
  5. the use of DC Images studio

4 Hours, 8 Hours, 12 Hours


The Basics, Development, Quality Control, The Business Plan, Drive & Focus, Other

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