Photography – Workshops


Whether you are a beginner or possess advanced skills and whatever workshop you choose you will receive expert guidance to help take your photography to that next level.

Clear Selection

Some of the topics our workshops can cover are cameras & lenses (know your equipment), lighting (both available & artificial techniques), exposure (aperture & shutter speed),  post-production (software, printing & the finished product) as well as travel, portraiture, still life, landscape, nature, wedding and documentary photography.

All photography workshops run for three-hours and include a minimum of three and maximum of six attendees/photographers. All photography workshops include:

  1. Dale Casey, a multi-award-winning and genuinely experienced photographer to help guide you
  2. the topic of your choice
  3. the option of potentially tailoring a workshop to your requests
  4. travel to the tuition location and/or the use of DC Images studio if required

Lighting, Exposure, Cameras & Lenses, Post-Production, Travel, Documentary, Landscape, Portraiture, Still Life, Nature, Wedding

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