Photography Tuition & Business Mentoring

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This is where you get to benefit from my twenty-two-years (plus) of business and photography experience with a mentoring program or private one-to-one tuition. Receive the genuinely experienced guidance to help develop your photography skills or take your business to that next level.

To me a successful photograph is not just one you hang on the wall or admire in a book, it is something that fixes inside your mind and never leaves you. In business, I have always been about being driven and establishing quality relationships that inspire and nurture a passion for photography that was born in the mid-eighties.

Private Tuition can develop your understanding of:

Lighting – previsualise and make the most of what is available
Cameras & Lenses – know your equipment
Exposure – shutter speeds & apertures,┬áthe essentials
Post-Production – the software, printing & the finished product
Master landscape, portrait, travel, still-life or wedding photography

Business Mentoring can provide guidance on:

Development – what to do and/or buy in business and when
Forward Planning – preparing for the stages of business
The Basics – cash-flow, quality control, getting you out there
Experience – what it takes to establish yourself, grow & succeed
Prioritising – what you need to do and have others do for you

Or customise a mentoring program/tuition to suit you perfectly.
Mentoring programs and private tuition will be one-to-one, guaranteed.

Learn how to capture moments like these with our private, one-to-one photography tuitions now!
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Alternatively, please feel free to say hi and ask some questions via email.