After Twenty Years of Professional Experience

......simply said my photography has always been about people and taking them on a journey that goes beyond the classic photograph, outside of the frame or the edges of a page. A truly successful photograph to me is not just one you hang on the wall or admire in an album or on the Ipad – it is something that fixes inside your mind and never leaves you.

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Some Unsolicited Feedback From Late 2015

"Hands down best photographer around!!! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Captured the day beautifully and so much fun to have around!!!” Corrine

"When you meet Dale it can be a bit overwhelming. What you get is a man so passionate about his trade, a man who will not settle for second best, a professional, a joker and a wealth of experience. He gets all his talking done up to the day of the wedding and then it's all about you. Some short choreographed shots and then he just finds all the perfect moments that you don't expect. A great experience and brilliant with the price. Thank you Dale and hope to see you at friends weddings in the future" Richard

"Thanks so much Dale the photos are amazing and your very kind words about our wedding gave me a little tear. Thank you again for being a part of our day! You are truly an amazing photographer - your passion shines through all your photos" Kate

Before I go on any further let me quickly say that the following is what some clever website bloke thought I should talk about on the DC Images home page because Google loves it apparently - suffice to say I'm not convinced anyone else will so I would recommend you browse the menu across the top and select the page(s) that best suits your interests as each page seeks to inform with regards to that page's heading. But moving on.........

To expand on what we do DC Images international and multi-award winning studio is the life dream of yours truly (Dale Casey) and provides the very best in photographic services to the private and commercial sectors. We supply dynamic images that regularly exceed peoples expectations and are recognised as one of the finest examples of naturally styled wedding photography Sydney has to offer.

As a professional photographer I have spent almost two decades mastering and refining my photographic craft and I provide a multi and international award winning portrait and wedding photography service in Sydney and abroad using the very best professional photographic equipment. The client-photographer relationship is also an essential part of our work ethic and I believe this has been the critical element behind being labeled by some as one of the best wedding photographers in Sydney (for example visit our DC Images Facebook page HERE and check out our reviews). Engendering a down to earth working environment as well as a reputation for being unobtrusive, authentic and a genuine storyteller with the camera ensures I can always capture the photographic narrative and achieve the ideal solution for you.

As a result of everything I have experienced in life coming to bear in my work for me personally as a wedding photographer in Sydney my photography style and belief is all about telling stories and capturing the narrative that is taking in place in-front of me. I love nothing more than to photograph couples, individuals and families engaged in what comes naturally to them whether it be day to day life or that unique occasion or celebration - I believe this is the corner stone of which all of my work is built upon as it allows me to elicit those moments of genuine spontaneity that brings a real sense of freedom to my photography.

In short DC Images provides a high end 'Fine Art' photographic product and knowing how much I personally invest into each and every photographic opportunity (ie: I love what I do more than I think people know) humbly speaking I believe DC Images is one of the best wedding photographers Sydney has to offer. Take our longevity of almost two decades of professional photography experience for example - that is over 7000 days of client satisfaction, business success and of honing our craft to be the international success story that we are today. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the image galleries for yourself using the menu along the top of this page, visit our blog to see what we are up to right now or like us on Facebook and Instagram and follow what I do and what others have to say about us.


And lastly on a personal note a HUGE thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of the fantastic brides, grooms and families who have commissioned my services over the years! I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a Sydney portrait and wedding photographer and if you visit the blog you will see perfect example after perfect example as to why that is! I get to meet the most fantastic people who put together the most unbelievable wedding days and I am so lucky to have them invite let alone trust me to snap away and photograph their endless narrative of love and laughter - #veryspoiltindeed doesn’t quite cover it, neither does thank you, thank you, THANK YOU really but it is a start and it is 110% genuine.