After Twenty Years of Professional Experience

......simply said my photography has always been about people and taking them on a journey that goes beyond the classic photograph, outside of the frame or the edges of a page. A truly successful photograph to me is not just one you hang on the wall, admire in an album or on the Ipad – it is something that fixes inside your mind and never leaves you.

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Some Recent Feedback From Our Weddings

"Hands down best photographer around!!! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Captured the day beautifully and so much fun to have around!!!” Corrine

"When you meet Dale it can be a bit overwhelming. What you get is a man so passionate about his trade, a man who will not settle for second best, a professional, a joker and a wealth of experience. He gets all his talking done up to the day of the wedding and then it's all about you. Some short choreographed shots and then he just finds all the perfect moments that you don't expect. A great experience and brilliant with the price. Thank you Dale and hope to see you at friends weddings in the future" Richard

"Thanks so much Dale the photos are amazing and your very kind words about our wedding gave me a little tear. Thank you again for being a part of our day! You are truly an amazing photographer - your passion shines through all your photos" Kate