Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Following a recent survey of over 3,000 couples, we want to highlight the five main areas where they felt photographers could improve and provide a handful of questions we encourage you to ask the person you are considering to photograph your special day.

  1. Refusing or wanting a pre-wedding meeting Not only do we include these in every package but we encourage them, ideally we will have two face-to-face chats before your wedding day
  2. Hidden terms & conditions with extra costs not explained or agreed to We would be devastated if a couple felt this way about us, to the point we probably detail things a little too much. Rest assured nothing is carried out without you fully agreeing to it
  3. Failure of equipment This has never been an issue for us over 750+ weddings, more often than not there is a back-up for the back-up equipment
  4. Delay in delivery of the final product and the lack of communication In short, we guarantee delivery times and for us communication is key through-out the entire process
  5. The photos were too heavily edited We are all about the craft of capturing the moment as naturally as possible on the day, and not relying on an artificial editing process

And here are some key questions we would be asking our potential wedding photographer …

  • Are you looking at that photographer’s own photos? i.e., not someone else’s or merely a studio’s best of
  • Is there genuine WOW factor in their photography? Is their style what we are looking for?
  • Can we trust the photographer to deliver on what it is they are promising?
  • Can the photographer provide us with a smooth ride, take any pressure off us as well as be willing to be flexible if we need to tweak things along the way?
  • Do they out source their manufacturing to genuine professionals? e.g., wedding albums, framing
  • Does the photographer have indemnity, copyright and public liability insurance?
  • Do they know how to make the most out of all of the wide variety of lighting situations/opportunities that will arise? For example, see below …

Hope this helps. Remember, as always, if you have any questions for queries for us, please feel free to contact us whenever suits.

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