Wedding Packages & Pricing

BEST PHOTOGRAPHER | Brides Choice Awards

We have recently been voted the best wedding photographer by Sydney brides at the Brides Choice Awards #sostoked Click here for the details.

Moving on. The package (and therefore the pricing) is entirely up to you. In every instance the biggest thing we offer loved-up couples is our over 25-years of wedding experience. Think 750+ weddings. We guarantee we have the best tips to help you put together the perfect wedding day. Speaking of which, click here for our “10+ Secrets Everyone Should Know About Professional Wedding Photography”.

And, you can view our wedding portfolios here or set-up a studio visit here.


Book any photography package over $3,500 and include any one of five complimentary items for FREE. Or book a photography package over $4,500 and receive two! Complimentary options include extra wedding day coverage, more pages in your hand-crafted album, custom artworks, 35% off parents albums, additional post-production and much more. Request a quote and/or price guide here.


  1. The services of a multi and internationally awarded photographer
  2. Unlimited photographs and/or film footage
  3. THE BIG ONE Expert in-house post-production on all photographs & film (i.e. NOT sent overseas and NOT the imagery straight out a camera)
  4. Genuinely high-resolution JPEGs and high-definition film
  5. The option of us hosting an online gallery showcasing all of your photographs
  6. Expert time specific photography & film including dusk, sunset and night
  7. All perfected, genuine high-resolution photos ready within four-weeks, GUARANTEED!
  8. No silly travel charges for weddings throughout Sydney, Wollongong & most regions of the Hunter Valley & Blue Mountains (valued at $350+)
  9. All pricing includes the GST bit


  1. Every Package Includes What We Do Every Package Every Time (listed above)
  2. Photography Only packages start from $2,990 and include expert image retouching, all genuine high-resolution JPEGs and much more
  3. Photography & Film packages start from $6,480 and include expert image retouching, all genuine high-resolution JPEGs, a professionally edited ‘Highlights Feature Film’ (all produced in-house) and much, much more
  4. Optional Package Upgrades can include a wide range of Australian hand-crafted albums, highlights & extended highlights film features, parent albums, drone feature moments, a range of Fine Art custom artwork options, pre-wedding shoots, guest albums, additional shooters and much, much more


  1. We are all about creating wedding experiences, not productions
  2. We genuinely love everything about what we do, have received over thirty awards and do this full-time
  3. Everything we do is about capturing the stories of loved-up couple’s in creative, honest & naturally sequenced photographs and film
  4. Our experience allows us to guarantee we can make any wedding day better
  5. Every digital photograph & film file is professionally edited by us, i.e., not sent to the cheapest bidder overseas
  6. 750+ loved-up couples have already trusted us to capture their wedding day

We have always been about guiding couples on how to make the most of all the awesome opportunities coming their way. So, enjoy the wedding planning and when you are ready, say hi here (code: book a studio visit) and we will look forward to chatting.

Call the studio on 02 9482 4838 (or Dale personally on 0404 010 922) any time for a chat.