Flamin’ underpants Batman! WE WON! The shoulders went back, the chest puffed out and I’m struttin’ round like I have massive tree trunks under my arms! WINNER! Thank you so, so, so, so, so, ssoooooo much to all the amazing loved-up couples who voted for yours truly. SO DARN COOL!

In the ultra-competitive gig known as wedding photography, I am so incredibly humbled and honoured to top the wedding photographers list! Amazeballs! Prodigious! Unbelievable! Awesome! Overwhelming! Wondrous! All of the above! Huge congrats to all the winners and runners up!

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a wan@er, I’ve been so busy loving what I do that I haven’t had time to enter any awards lately, it has been a bit of a 5-6-year awards hiatus for us. Anyways, this time around all I had to do was tell everyone I had photographed over the last 24-months that I have thrown my hat in the ring, and if they love/rate what I do, they’ll vote for me. I guess the heads down, bums up attitude of getting stuck into what I do has just paid off! Super way cool to be rewarded for a no B.S./love what you do/treat others the way that you want to be treated way of doing things!

I promise this won’t go to my head (much). I’m sure my kids will shrug their shoulders and straight away move on, ask what’s for dinner or “when is Mum home?” Huge thanks to my fabulous Mrs DC Images (aka Vashti, or with my accent, Vishti) who despite the outrageously odd hours and my annoying habit of wanting to get more and more immersed in what I do, backs me up 10,000%

Boy! Once again, thanks everyone for supporting me through 20+ years of snapping photos! #fizzing

Lastly, here’s a few recent snaps of us celebrating with our loved-up couples! Happy days. Good times. Lovin’ it!

By the way, if you are on the scout for more info, you can find our wedding photography & film guide HERE and our price guide HERE. Thanks again everyone for all of your support! So excited!!!


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