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Here you go! Another perfect example of why we love what we do so darn much! Great people, great times, and great experiences throughout. This is the perfect visual illustration of what makes capturing loved-up couple’s wedding stories so freakin’ fun; 140+ pics captured by yours truly showcasing the how, what, who and where. Huge congrats from us to you Lauren & Jarred. Well done on putting together an awesome wedding day and celebration and a massive thanks for inviting us along and trusting us to capture it all in photographs and film.

Enjoy your wedding film feature and this sneak peek Jarred & Lauren, and we cannot wait to show you everything else we have ready and waiting here.

This particular wedding was one of those great times where you say to yourself on the drive home, “dam it, that was over with far to quick”, and clearly there’s a little bit of anticipation to check out some pics, as I got this email from the bride the other day …… “Oh Dale, dying for a sneak peak – just on”. Well, to be honest, any couple that includes “I cannot express enough how much EVERYONE needs some Dale in their life” in the online review of yours truly, can almost get any darn thing they like.

Click here to see Kirsty + Matt’s two-song wedding film feature, and enjoy a photography sneak peek here. #getthatshotjerry

With a few weddings still postponing as a result of CO-VID locking down the international borders, it has provided us the opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon those awesome weddings we got to be a part of just prior to the CO-VID lockdowns, yet haven’t found the the time to share with you here. So, with that being said/the case … here goes!

Calista & Paul … what a day! It started with a couple of tea ceremonies (one at the Star Casino and another on the lower north shore), before off we went to the wedding nuptials at St Andrews Cathedral. Throw in a few pics with the bride & groom before we were at the Golden Century for lunch, some speeches and loads of fun and smiles. We snapped a few more pics in the eastern suburbs before we wrapped up around 6pm. Not a bad day right! Top shelf fun all the way! Just the best of days! Calista & Paul & the crew made it so much fun, check it out!

Here we go, another sign from three-weeks ago (aka December 2020) that things are returning to normal/how they were pre-CO-VID, this time with Lauren & Alex at Chapel Hill in the Blue Mountains.

Rain, blue skies, a delayed ceremony, but smiling faces everywhere we looked and just the perfect day to be behind the camera. There was simply so, so many moments to point the camera at, I mean, the biggest problem everyone had on the day was yours truly continuously saying “just one more please”. But don’t just take my word for it, check it these 100+ pics to see what I mean.

What CO-VID! Talk about business as usual and how good was it! Sure, guests lists might be a tad smaller and we are all registering when we enter any venue, but from my side of the camera this is exactly how things were pre-CO-VID. Snapped only three-weeks ago in December 2020, check this out, Sal and Lauren’s big day at Mystwood Estate in Wollombi. Here’s 150+ pics demonstrating why this was the best day, enjoy!

It doesn’t get much better than this! It was so cool to be here and celebrate these two family’s coming together, Rosy with her daughters and Stephen with his son and daughter – it was the best of days! Of course, blue skies, that view over Sydney harbour from Athol Hall, and one-hundred plus of their nearest and dearest guests (yes, it was pre-CO-VID times) also helped make this day so superb. Amongst my many lasting memories, sitting here typing away the brief time we spent witnessing Stephen + Rosy getting ready was truly original for us…. the looks on their children’s faces as they were helping Mum and Dad glam up was way cool! Throw into the mix the fact that Stephen + Rosy go so well in front of the camera, and well, this bloke was loving every moment of it! It was awesome moment after awesome moment to snap away at. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

We’d take this kinda awesome afternoon at The Retreat At Wisemans (in Wisemans Ferry) any day of the year, but to celebrate it with not one, but two intimate wedding ceremonies for Avinash + Sam was as top shelf as it gets.

Things were kept pretty casual (just the way we like it) and there was the amazing colour Indian weddings always provide, a picturesque blue skied day, incredible food and the best people to hang out with (let alone photograph) – code: hopefully you’re beginning to pick up on what we mean by top shelf/awesome! This was the best day to point a camera at. Check it out!

P.S. Here’s the two-song feature film we put together for Avinash + Sam as well!

To pinch a line from Lenny Kravitz, this is what happens when you ….. let love rule! Despite the current lockdown as a result of CO-VID19, Shirley + Ben went ahead and tied the knot last week and it was awesome! Yip, they’ve postponed the massive celebration and party for 12-months time, but last week they went “nop, we’re going ahead” and yours truly was able to photograph it (and double as an official witness on the marriage certificate). A massive thanks has gotta go to Carol Proven for hosting the event at her glamorous home down Cronulla way (and for taking on the celebrant duties of course). All things considered, just an incredible way to spent two-hours. Shirley + Ben let their love rule and were absolute naturals in front of the camera whilst tolerating my photographer catch cry of “just one more” with tremendous patience.

When Gil + Bec first got in touch I said they had some unreal opportunities coming there way – don’t think I was wrong on that one. It was a bit of a whirl wind tour starting in Leura, before snapping our way through Katoomba and Blackheath and ending up in one of the Jenolan Caves for the wedding ceremony. Here is a quick glimpse of what went on/some of my favs from the pictorials with Gil + Bec – FYI we gave the 20+ guests a free pass while the three of us went crazy with all the stunning-ness the Blue Mountains and beyond have to offer. Enjoy!