Captured in September 2012 I have finally found the time to showcase this little project.

I have two boys (now four and six) that love riding their bikes and as you can imagine having a photographer as a father they have had the odd photograph taken of them. That being the case I wanted to do something different and (in short) remove any preconceived ideas or structure, let my boys be boys and basically showcase the story they put on in front of me – ie: capture everything, their grumpy faces as well as their happy ones, photograph the jumps, the spills, the crashes, the potential tears, the cuddles and everything in between.

Sitting here two-years on I’m stoked with the outcome! My boys still love riding their bikes but they have obviously grown up considerably so having this little snippet of life, this essay and documentation of what came naturally to them two-years ago is brilliant. To capture all those little moments and stories within stories at any time let alone during this small two-hour window means so much more than the one off and maybe more structured portrait images we have of our boys – put simply, this is our boys uncut! No controls, no direction, just two boys having fun riding their bikes, doing what they do and I could not be more pleased with the results. Hopefully I can incorporate a lot more of this style of photography and approach into my work in the future!

The following images are the page layouts from the fifty-page coffee-table book I have just designed and ordered from our overseas printers. Enjoy!

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