Hitched – Thomas & Carolin

Once upon time in Austria, Thomas & Carolin were sitting around and decided to get married on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Queue the four-week Australian holiday and reaching out for yours truly to be behind the camera, and Andy (from Married By Andy) to make it all official. Such a way cool Friday arvo.

DC Images wedding car services (via the Mitsi Pajero) collected Thomas & Carolin from the Shangri-La Hotel around 2.30pm, we drove across to Bradleys Head, went crazy capturing a bunch of loved-up couple snaps, before they tied the knot around 4.30pm, right on sunset. Bring on the champagne from Andy, as it was celebration time. The two-hour package ended up closer to four-hours by the time DC Images taxi services did it’s bit, but what the hell, I’d do this kinda thing every Friday afternoon if I could. I mean, check it out…………………

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