National Park Portraits – Sydney

Meet Ethan everyone (via this little vintage retouch/feature). It was Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park portraits time. This is the second time I have photographed this little man, the fourth time I have photographed his brother (Lachlan) and the sixth time I have photographed their Mum & Dad, Peter & Amy. And that is super-bloody-cool, I love it.

I mean. You spend your life behind the camera and in-front of computer software and screens, that never changes. So, the only thing that really can is what is in-front of our camera and whilst we always love new there was something so cool, warm and fuzzy about rocking up for these National Park portraits the other day. Sitting here now I realise maybe it was because so much was left unspoken, we all just got stuck into it, we know how each other rolls, Ethan included. Nothing but good times and portrait photographs to be had!

I guess our portrait style has always been about keeping it real and natural so there is never any real adjustment required to being in front of the camera for an hour or two. More importantly though it is this familiarity and understanding that comes out of working together half-a-dozen times across what must be something like 2000+ photographs. It all makes for easy going, natural good times basically.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out our vintage/washed winter retouch feature below.

So there we have it, National Park portraits at the Ku-ring-gai Chase NP in mid July.

A huge thanks to Ethan for being so amazing in front of the camera (#allinadayswork). And an even bigger thanks to Amy & Peter who continually trust me to capture these special times as a family and as parents. Being a dad myself and knowing how much (as parents) we value every image we have of our family I am so stoked to be able to do this for you. I cant wait for our next shoot come the end of the year – across the three portrait shoots we are going to be able to produce some kick-backside artworks and albums.

Baby’s 1st Year Package

Amy & Peter have chosen our ‘Baby’s 1st Year’ package where we photograph a family’s newest arrival three times within the first 12-months of bub being born. You can find out more about this package HERE as well as view our online portrait portfolio HERE.

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