Photographer’s Winter

Around this time of year I have come to call my Photographer’s Winter. Basically, with things a little quieter on the shooting front June/July-ish this is the time where my camera comes out a little for personal reasons, as pictured here.

Now family getaways are always fun (as are the Blue Mountains I reckon) but from a photography perspective it is super cool to put my family in front of the lens. Not to mention, simply wandering around with the camera over my shoulder and shooting whatever catches the eye is always fun. Yes people, without sounding too sentimental it is a special time behind the camera for yours truly. And being very much an annual event it was only natural I give it a name like the Photographer’s Winter. 

BACKGROUND: We stayed at an Eco Lodge in Blackheath and went all over. For example: Hargraves, Evans and Govetts Leap Lookouts, Coxs River, Megalong Valley, Scenic World, Wentworth Falls, Little Hartley Lolly Shop, Leura, Katoomba and bush walked until my calves could take no more (ie: the Grand Canyon and Six Foot Track walks #loadsofstairs #not21nomore).

Here is a quick sample of the 150 or so images I captured along the way.

Ten-year-old mini-me (aka Riley) momentarily got his old man out from behind the camera.

So that’s what I mean by and call the Photographer’s Winter. Being born and bred in a cooler climate than Sydney it is always a time of year I love. However, throw in a family winter get away, a mountains escape and the opportunity to literally shoot whatever I see, well, you will always find me in my happy place.

Stay tuned. There will be more to follow I’m sure, both from this time around as well as every Photographer’s Winter to come.

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  • Edna Rollings

    What a lovely “working holiday!” Great shots as usual.

    July 19, 2018

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